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At Kent Music we contribute towards the cost of extra-curricular music making in schools through our Funded Opportunities programme.

As part of our endeavour to support children and young people to have access to a range of music making activities in and out of school we provide funded opportunities to schools for extra-curricular ensembles and choirs run by visiting teachers or practitioners.

No matter what your vision for music, there is an ensemble out there to suit your pupils.

The co-curricular offer at school should be accessed by the widest possible group of pupils, so that no child with an interest in music misses out

The power of music to change lives; A National Plan for Music Education

In the academic year 2022-23 Kent Music funded over 190 weekly ensembles that are taking place in schools all across the county! These ensembles are of all types and sizes and range from school orchestras to guitar groups, mass choirs to chamber ensembles, rock groups and even music technology groups.

If you’d like to talk about how you could develop an ensemble in your school you can get in touch with your Area Manager here.