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Kent Music Schools Blog

Welcome to the Kent Music schools blog! 

We’ll use this area as a forum to spotlight the achievements of schools and teachers throughout Kent as well as share important news and updates.

Unleashing potential with adapted instruments

It can feel like a challenge to address specialised needs when teaching instruments. Read about how organisations like OHMI and here at Kent Music are making music more accessible than ever for young musicians!

Six Ways Sing Up can support your teaching

Sing Up is a leading digital music teaching platform that many schools are signed up to. Not only does it include an amazing range of songs but a complete music curriculum, ukulele, and percussion resources and much more!

Setting the Tone: A Music Lead’s Essential Toolkit

No matter where you are on your journey, as your local Music Hub we’re here to support you and the challenges you might be facing. And where better to start than with the teaching favourite – a list!

The foundations of a musical universe through primary arts

What happens when the arts is a focus from the very start of schooling? Jacqui Spinks of St Alphege in Whitstable tells us more.

Spotlight on…the transition to secondary with The Langton

Read top tips on how to navigate a successful transiton to secondary muic education from Emily Renshaw-Kidd.

Schools Summer Network Meeting 2023 – all about Deep Dives

Find out what we learned in the summer 2023 network meeting with Karen Marshall.

What is Bespoke Support? With The Oaks Infant School 

What is our Bespoke Support? We spoke to a school who accessed it this year to find out about their experience.

Spotlight on… Ofsted at St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School in Northfleet

This month we chatted to Emma Higgins and her experience as music lead during a recent Ofsted Deep Dive.

Spotlight on…Holy Family Catholic Primary School

Lead Teacher for Music at Holy Family Catholic Primary Georgina Kershaw tells us how they create a QR ‘buzz’ for music.

The Kent Music Conference 2022

In November 2022 we held the Kent Music Conference: Taking Action on Music. Read all about the day here.

Spotlight on…Staplehurst Primary

Staplehurst Primary has an amazing number of students learning instruments. Music Lead Teacher Penny Seal tells us how she made this happen!