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KS1 Video Library

Finding opportunities to upskill in music delivery can be a challenge.

We have created this video library to help support school staff to upskill more easily and provide some ideas for music activities in the classroom. Feel free to use these videos in staff training or direct your music teachers to this page!

If there are any particular videos you’d like us to create or you have ideas about what we could include in our video library you can get in touch with the Schools team via email:

Thank you to the teachers and students at Riverview Infants School for helping us create these videos!

Primary Music Basics: Warming Up for the Lesson

This video is aimed at KS1 students and shows you how to warm up your class so that they are ready for singing and ready for music. The exercises Katie shares will help you to set behaviour expectations, focus the children’s’ listening and for you to assess their skill in feeling the pulse and pitch-matching.

Primary Music Basics: Warm Up Songs and Chants

This video explores warm up songs and chants for KS1 to get children moving, singing, listening and responding to the beat.

Primary Music Basics: Active Listening

This activity is about active listening, a technique which enables children to remain present throughout their listening experience. By listening for certain motifs or words and adding actions or movements onto each one, children can begin to listen to and engage deeply with the song or piece of music.

Primary Music Basics: Composition Activity

This video explores a composition activity for KS1 and lower KS2 students involving the children making their own compositional choices in a 4-beat pattern. The activity is designed to encourage children to recognise and practice reading their rhythmic notation.

Primary Music Basics: Composition Two

This video looks at how children can compose an answering phrase to a known song. In this example, Katie uses the Model Music Curriculum suggested repertoire ‘Starlight Star Bright’.

Primary Music Basics: Teaching the Beat

In this video, Katie will look at how to teach the beat and one beat notes to a class of KS1 students. These exercises help children to recognise the beat in a piece of music by using a song where each of the words lasts for one beat.

Primary Music Basics: Teaching Notation

This video looks at introducing primary children to notation and the concept that what is clapped or said can be written in symbol form – which they can then play!