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In Kent, we contribute towards the cost of whole class music at KS2 through our Funded Opportunities. This funded provision is called MusicPlus.

This programme provides whole class instrumental tuition and musical instruments to schools at a highly subsidised rate. Schools can find their own teacher or come through Kent Music for a teacher.

The programme allows children to build confidence, play in an ensemble, compose, and much more! Whilst MusicPlus is not the delivery of the music curriculum, classes are extremely beneficial to the academic, social and emotional development of children.

MusicPlus teachers

To be a MusicPlus teacher means that you not only provide whole class teaching at KS2 but that this teaching is guided by the Kent Music MusicPlus framework and the five outcomes within this:

  • Be Musical
  • Be Creative and Flexible
  • Be Inclusive
  • Plan for Progress
  • Assess and Reflect

Additionally, you should engage with relevant CPD and develop your teaching throughout the academic year and be open to the Quality Assurance Process.

If a peripatetic teacher is providing your MusicPlus tuition we do expect that the classroom teacher is present when MusicPlus lessons take place to assist with the smooth running of the lesson and preferably to take part themselves!

How to access MusicPlus

Kent Music can provide MusicPlus to your school either as one of your Funded Opportunities, or as an Agency Project. In order to access funded opportunities, schools must fill in both a short application form, and the annual Schools Survey  in the summer term before you wish to access it. MusicPlus as an Agency Project can be applied for at any time throughout the year.

Find out more about accessing MusicPlus in your school through our Funded Opportunities pages or by contacting your local Area Manager.

Please click on the available links below for more information on MusicPlus:

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