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Music Mark

About Music Mark

Music Mark is a membership organisation, subject association and charity. Their membership consists of Music Education Services and Hubs, their own teaching and support teams; schools; individuals; NYMOS; HE/FE bodies; Hub and Corporate Partners. On behalf of their members, Music Mark lobby for and support high-quality music education for all children and young people. 

Schools in Kent can join Music Mark for free through Kent Music, saving £100 on membership fees! 

Music Mark works to lead high-quality music education by influencing, supporting and connecting. Specifically: 

  • Influencing decision makers. Helping them to understand the important contribution that music makes to every school. 
  • Supporting the development of a coherent and high-quality music education for children and young people. 
  • Connecting the network of music services with the wider community of music educators. 

What are the benefits for schools?

Being a Music Mark member will demonstrate the school’s commitment to high-quality music making. 

Schools will receive a certificate and exclusive use of the Music Mark logo pack to demonstrate their membership.  

Music Mark have a members area filled with resources to support the development of high-quality music making in schools. They also put on regular events and training sessions for members. They also release regular newsletters providing a roundup of the latest national and regional sector news, events, and resources.  

How does my school become a member?

All schools must complete an application through Kent Music to receive free membership to Music Mark. The application process can happen at any time within the academic year.  

The application form asks schools to demonstrate how they meet the criteria for membership by outlining the current music provision in the school using one or more of these headings: 

  • evidence of a willingness to engage in development conversations related to improving music provision 
  • recognition of the value of music education as part of a broad and balanced curriculum 
  • a strategy for music in place which provides for all children 

A school can either complete an application form or our Kent Music Music Develop Plan (MDP) to be eligible for Music Mark membership.  

The Music Development Plans have been created to support schools to self-evalute all areas of their music provision and create and action plan for improvement. More information on MDP can be found here.  

Once a school has successfully applied for Music Mark membership this will last for 2 academic years. 

After the two-year membership period is up schools must complete the application process again, to demonstrate their continuing commitment to music in the school.   

Who do I contact to apply? 

You can contact your Area Manager or the School Support and Development Manage to discuss Music Mark membership further or complete the form below and send this to your Area Manager to begin the process.  

Music Mark Application Form

Contact your local Area Manager