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National Plan for Music Education

What is the National Plan for Music Education?

The Power of Music to Change Lives: A National Plan for Music Education (NPME) is a refresh of the 2011 plan, it responds to the changes that have happened in and out of education since 2011 and provides us with a refreshed plan and goals for music education.  

The plan outlines a vision for music education as well as ways forward to achieve this vision through partnerships between schools, music hubs and the wider music and creative sector.  

Main aims of the NPME

The Plan sets out 3 goals for music education, highlighting the importance of providing fully inclusive access to ‘a broad musical culture’ through ‘expertise, instruments, technology and facilities they need to learn, create and share their music.’:  

  1. All children and young people receive a high-quality music education in the early years and in schools (chapter 1 which focuses on the role of schools, with some mention of early years provision)  
  2. All music educators to work in partnership with children and young people’s needs and interests at their heart (which focuses on the role of Hub Partnerships)  
  3. All children and young people with musical interests and talents to have the opportunity to progress their interests and potential, including professionally  

Summary for Schools

It’s important that music leads in all schools read the full document and share the relevant information with their leadership teams. The NPME recognises the importance of high-quality music making in schools. Below we have provided a summary of the key points for schools suggested by the DfE:

  • Timetabled curriculum lesson of at least one hour each week of the school year for key stages 1-3  
  • Access to instrumental and vocal lessons across a range of instruments and voice for pupils 
  • A school choir and/or vocal ensemble 
  • A school ensemble/band/group  
  • Designated spaces that are assigned for rehearsals and individual music practice  
  • A termly school performance or showcase  
  • Opportunity to enjoy live performance at least once a year 
  • A Music Development Plan that overviews both the curricular and co-curricular offer and sets out how this will be funded and built upon  

How can Kent Music help your school?

At Kent Music we have a number of services that can support schools to build on their current music provision.  

We have designed a Music Development Plan to support schools to begin their self-evaluation journey. The document covers all areas of music provision including curriculum music, extra-curricular activities, singing, building tuition and ensemble, advocating for music education and more. If you’d like help completing a plan you can contact your Area Manager or the School Support and Development Manager. Find out more about it and start making your plan at our Music in School page

Kent Music runs a whole-class instrumental programme called MusicPlus. The programme is designed to be gateway for new learners to develop their musical knowledge and skills through an instrument such as ukulele, recorder, violin, trumpet and more. If you do not currently provider whole-class instrumental tuition but would like to or are interested in building tuition and ensembles in your school you can contact your Area Manager visit the webpage here for more information.  

Visit our services for schools page for more information on all the ways we can support schools! 

Services for Schools