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Lead Schools Advisory Group

Kent Music is looking to appoint a Lead Schools Advisory Group. This group will guide and enhance the strategic thinking around the support and musical opportunities the hub provides to schools.

As set out in The power of music to change lives: a national plan for music education (NPME), Hub Lead Organisations (HLOs) like Kent Music are expected to invite schools to join their Music Hub partnerships as Lead Schools for Music.

We believe that implementing a Lead Schools Advisory Group for the Music Hub is the best way to strengthen the Hub’s support for all schools across Kent & Medway.

There are two parts to an application to be part of the Lead Schools Advisory Group, the completion of a form and sending us relevant documentation. Please see more information in the ‘How to Apply’ section below. Once you have read all the details, please begin your application at the button below.

Apply to join the Lead Schools Advisory Group

If you have any questions about the Lead Schools Advisory Group or the process you can contact

What is the role of the Lead Schools Advisory Group?

The Lead Schools Advisory Group (LSAG) will aid the hub’s strategic thinking around the vision for music in schools across Kent & Medway as well as the support it provides to schools. We believe that the creation of the LSAG will will offer great opportunities to the schools who form the group as well as benefitting the wider Kent & Medway Music Hub.

The LSAG will play a crucial role in the hub’s strategic thinking around schools by being an active part of the Lead Schools Advisory Group which aims to support the hub with its engagement plan for schools. The Lead Schools Advisory Group will meet fou times throughout the academic year. The advisory group will support on areas such as:

  • Using their knowledge and experience to support the design of the CPD offer, conference content and network themes
  • Support the development of website content design, blog articles etc.
  • Reviewing the bespoke support offer and advise on additional support routes
  • Attending the termly network meetings held by Kent Music and supporting relevant Area Managers with localised networks, including where possible being a host school and providing peer support
  • Advocating for the importance of music education, providing clear learner pathways to their pupils and their local schools
  • Support the running of local collaborative projects such as orchestra days, big sings or transition events
  • Contribute towards the development and direction of the LSAG

Where a Lead School has expertise that can be shared more widely in identified areas of need, e.g. successful assessment of music, design and implementation of successful pathways to KS4 and KS5, high pupil uptake at GCSE and A Level etc. it may be requested by the hub that the lead school shares their best practice with schools through the CPD programme, website content or networks.

Who should apply?

We are looking for a minimum of one Primary, Secondary and Special school music lead from both Kent and Medway, with a maximum of 10 places available to schools in the group. A chair of the LSAG will be selected from the group once it is formed. The LSAG will meet four times a year to aid the hub’s strategic work with schools.

As set out by the DfE, Lead Schools should exemplify high-quality music teaching and champion best practice in their area. The bullet points below are traits of a lead school as suggested by Kent Music and taking into account suggestions in the NPME. We’d love to hear from schools who:

  • Have a well-planned and delivered curriculum which uses a breadth of high-quality resources that are considered and implemented in a mindful way to ensure pupils are accessing a broad and balanced curriculum.
  • Can demonstrate a commitment at leadership level to the development of high-quality music opportunities for all children and young people in your school or MAT where applicable
  • Ensure music is taught regularly across all year groups by skilled classroom teachers.
  • Have a thriving instrumental tuition offer and opportunities for students to engage with extra-curricular ensembles. Alternatively, mechanisms are in place where pupils are supported to goto a local centre or school to ensure they have access to provision.
  • Provide extra-curricular music making activities that are accessible for all
  • Are an active member of the music community; they are aware of the opportunities for pupils in the local community. They signpost their pupils to wider community activities such as local music centres, holiday courses etc.
  • Can demonstrate a thorough understanding of the benefits of music making and studying music as part of a well-rounded curriculum.
  • Have high uptake into music qualifications at KS4/5 (in applicable schools) and support students to engage in further music making as well as inform them on creative careers.
  • Ensure music is championed by the whole school

We are keen to hear from schools who have a particular specialism or expertise in areas such as singing, music technology, building instrumental and vocal tuition and ensembles and EDI.

Being part of the Lead Schools Advisory Group

Please ensure you have read the following before applying to be part of the Kent Music LSAG.

  • Lead schools will be in post for two academic years in order to maximise consistency in supporting the hub’s school engagement plan.
  • After the two-year term the application process will reopen. Previous lead schools may reapply; however, it is not a guarantee of placement.
  • Where a lead school is part of a MAT there is an expectation for the MAT to be in support of and/or involved in the Music Hub. This is something that will be discussed through the application process.
  • All schools in Kent and Medway are provided with the opportunity to receive a Funded Opportunity each academic year. Lead schools will continue to be able to apply for their chosen Funded Opportunity.
  • Lead Schools will be partners of the hub and will automatically receive:
    • Music Mark membership
    • Use of the Hub logo on their website to identify themselves as a lead school for music
    • Negotiated/flexible renumeration for release time for their member of staff as appropriate and based on need and available budget
    • Lead schools may be invited to represent Kent Music at local or national events, conferences and other hub activities
    • A memorandum of understanding will be in place to formalise the partnership

How to apply

To apply to be part of the Lead Schools Advisory Group please ensure you complete both parts to the application:

Part 1

Complete the online application form available here

Part two

Please email the following documentation to

  • A letter of support from school SLT
  • A letter of support from the Multi Academy Trust (where applicable)
  • An up to date Music Development Plan for the school

Applications will close on 7th June 2024

Please be aware that both parts of this application are required in order to be eligible for a role on the LSAG. If you have any questions please contact Liv Edwards via email

What is the timeline for applications?

See below for timeline and process for becoming part of the Lead Schools Advisory Group

  • 7th May – 7th June 2024 – Kent Music opens application process for Lead Schools Advisory Group. This will be an online application form as well as a supporting letter from school SLT (and MAT where appropriate)
  • 7th – 14th June 2024 – Kent Music completes shortlisting process of those who have applied.
  • 24th June – 12th July 2024 – Formal interviews take place. Interviews will be held, where possible, at the school with a member of SLT present. Where schools are part of a MAT we encourage a leader of the MAT to be present. A lesson observation will be part of the formal process.
  • Friday 19th July 2024 – Lead Schools Advisory Group is announced.
  • Thursday 12th September 2024 – Lead Schools Advisory Group meets.

Please be aware the timeline we have outlined is subject to change based on any delays the hub may incur

Arts Council England – Lead Schools

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