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Kent Music Roadshow

The Kent Music Roadshow is a free 50-minute-long interactive performance aimed at KS2 and KS3 students in schools.

Featuring instrumental demonstrations, live performances, video, and audience participation the roadshow aims to inspire students to learn a musical instrument and to encourage an understanding of the value of music to our world and everyday lives. The refreshed National Plan for Music Education (NPME) sets out what they believe to be the features that demonstrate high quality provision in schools, one being to provide their pupils with the opportunity to enjoy live performances at least once a year. We are proud to continue to offer the opportunity for schools to access this free opportunity for live performances! 

“The roadshow gave the children the opportunity to realise how important music is and how much fun they could get from playing a musical instrument.”

The Shows

The Roadshow repertoire includes several shows, all based on the same concepts of interaction, exploration, and creativity with music, but with different content. Shows include favourites ‘Bach to the Future’ and ‘To Jupiter and Beyond’, and more to come!

All Roadshows take audiences on a journey through music from film, TV and musical theatre, and a range of different styles including classical, jazz and pop. The musicians will play a variety of instruments, present AV content like film and TV clips, and lead audience participation activities. Pupils will learn how vibrations are created to make music, and how to make primitive instruments from easily sourced materials.

The shows are best suited for year groups up to year 8, but with some notice they can be adapted to almost any age group or type of school, including special schools.

“The children were captivated by the different instruments, and how similar sounds could be made by regular household items.”

The Roadshow Team

Colin Reid, representing the brass family and playing trumpet, trombone, and hosepipe horn.

Graeme Vinall, representing the woodwind family and playing clarinet, saxophone, and straw.

Lori Norriss, representing the string family and playing, violin, electric violin, and washtub bass.

During Roadshows, the team will each demonstrate the musical capabilities of their instruments and the variety of contexts they can be used in.

Colin, Graeme, and Lori are all experienced performers, music directors and teachers. They’ve worked with students of all ages and backgrounds and have worked with Kent Music for many years.

“The children had a fantastic time and were definitely inspired.  Many of them have never seen a group of orchestral instruments before.  Teachers reported that the show was described as “epic” and “awesome”.  I definitely had 100% positive feedback from staff and pupils.”

Benefits of hosting a Roadshow

Experiencing a Kent Music Roadshow is a fantastic experience for all students. The shows are designed to be accessible no matter how much knowledge the audience might have of musical instruments and history, so all students can engage and learn!

A Kent Music Roadshow is also an excellent way to break down any preconceptions about orchestral instruments and classical music. Schools can easily use the content as a springboard for new topics, lesson content, or even end of term celebrations.

“…our Year 7s had such a wonderful time at Bach to the Future. I’ve handed out (and received back again) about 15 new instrumental lesson permission slips, so it was clear that the performance really inspired some of the students.”

How to Book

For more information or to book a Roadshow at your school, contact your local Area Manager. In general, we require a couple of weeks’ notice, but this may be flexible.

Roadshows are completely free, and on the day of the event we will bring all the equipment required.  We will just need a space large enough for all attendees, a projector and screen or a large television to show the videos on, and an enthusiastic audience!

“I am sure that if the children show half as much interest in taking up a musical instrument as they did in watching them being played then many future musicians may just be starting to grow at [our] school.”

Feedback for the Roadshow

“This was a perfect way to inspire young people, showcasing the benefits of learning to play a musical instrument to best effect.”

“Having seen a few music roadshows intending to persuade their audience to begin playing an instrument, this was by far the best that I have been involved in”

“The roadshow gave the children the opportunity to realise how important music is and how much fun they could get from playing a musical instrument.”

“We were all inspired by such high-quality provision, from musicians who were so able and versatile, who communicated so appropriately with the children across the whole primary age range”

“Year 7 really enjoyed the session last Monday (as did the members of staff who were there as well!). The students have been putting the knowledge they learned into practice during lessons!”

From students:

“I really liked it when they played recognisable tunes on their instruments. It made the experience enjoyable and it helped me learn a lot about music. I would consider being a musician when I am older.” – Rachel 

“I really enjoyed it! I learnt a lot about music, and I’d like to learn more! Also, I learnt that the longer the instrument the lower it will play.” – Brooke 

“I learnt that there were families of musical instrument, I’d like to learn more.” – Zac 

“They showed us how to make instruments out of things in your house, that was funny but a good idea” – Katrina 

“Today I learnt that music can inspire people and I liked how they played some of our favourite tunes and songs” – Ethan