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As the lead partner for the Music Education Hub of Kent, we try to make music as accessible to all as possible.

We continue to be one of the only hubs to directly fund schools, allowing us to support high quality music provision to take place in schools across Kent. More information about our opportunities can be found on our dedicated page. We also have a financial assistance programme available for eligible students.  

We understand the challenges that many face to provide high quality music provision especially as music making can often rely on additional resources such as instruments, technology or trained staff. We have made some helpful hints below on how best to fundraise to support music making in and around the school! 

  • Have a specific piece of equipment or resource in mind that you are fundraising for so that if you are going to ask for donations at a school event make sure you inform those donating about where the money is going. 
  • Communicate with your PTA, there could fundraising opportunities through this group throughout the year!  
  • Put a small cover charge on your school shows and performances, make sure to inform the audience where the fundraising is going! 
  • Discuss how pupil premium money could be used to set up reduce cost tuition or ensembles for pupils who are eligible.  
  • Sponsored events like a sponsored play-a-thon or grade-1-athon are fun and can get teachers and pupils involved in raising money. 

Organisations that could help

Music for All

Music for all is a charity that provide individual grants as well as funding for community projects across the UK. 

Universal Music UK Sound Foundation

Universal Music UK Sound Foundation (UMUKSF) have several grant types including individual awards for tuition available as well as school awards to support the buying of instruments and resources and teacher awards. Their teacher awards can support teachers to fund professional development courses and training to improve their music delivery in schools.

The Paul Hamlyn Foundation – Teacher Development Fund

The Paul Hamlyn Teacher Development Fund was created to support the delivery of effective arts-based teaching and learning in the primary classroom. These grants are particularly good for primary schools or academies operating in the state sector looking to improve their arts curriculum and teaching.