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Educational Resources

Below are some ideas for where to go for high quality educational resources that can support the planning and delivery of your curriculum.

  • BBC Bitesize
    A really helpful website for ideas on delivering the KS3 music curriculum. Content includes ideas on getting started with composition, performing, music technology and more.

BBC Bitesize

  • BBC 10 pieces
    A fantastic resource not only for curriculum lessons but to support ensembles and extracurricular activities. There are a variety of pieces that have been arranged for ensembles of all abilities, perfect for secondary school ensembles and orchestras!

BBC 10 pieces

  • Music Theory
    A great online resource to support students in developing their notation reading and music theory knowledge. Students can complete exercises on note identification, chord recognition, key signature recognition and more. Great for GCSE and A level pupils!

Music Theory

  • I Can Compose
    I can compose provides some free resources as well as a teacher’s area that includes optional paid for courses. A helpful place to go for those looking for inspiration on activities and ways of including composition in their music lessons.

I Can Compose

  • LPO BrightSparks Repertoire unlocked
    The London Philharmonic Orchestra have created an area where you can Explore and uncover the building blocks of orchestral repertoire with our illuminating videos and written resources.

LPO BrightSparks Repertoire unlocked

Technology Resources

  • Audacity
    A simple multi-track editor for Windows or macOS. A good first option for those looking for an introduction at multi-tracking.


Singing Resources

  • The Voices Foundation
    The Voices Foundation provided virtual assemblies during lockdown which they have left available for everyone to use! This is a fantastic way to get your pupils singing, or even better use them as training and professional development opportunities for your staff and get more singing happening in school! There are a range of other materials on their website to support the development of singing in your school too.

The Voices Foundation